Club Vaudeville

CD Club Vaudeville release October 2017

Musica Extrema will release their new CD ‘Club Vaudeville’ October 2017 right after their Russia tour. Musica Extrema is the new name for the group Tango Extremo. Lately, The group did so many different projects within various genres, that the name ‘Tango Extremo’ no longer represents their music, therefore the switch to ‘Musica Extrema’.

‘Club Vaudeville’ takes you back to the cinematic 1930s – the post World War I era, a time during which jazz, folk, and classical music blended with entertainment, theatre and variété. Club Vaudeville is a collection of songs in French, German and English. ‘Club Vaudeville’ takes you back in time!





You can find the full tour here.

The International DanceTheatre and Tango Extremo have teamed up and are ready to present their new show ‘’Tango/Mania’’. In this double bill performance The International DanceTheatre plays the main role accompanied by the notes of Tango Extremo, moving the Argentinian Tango to music and dance hailing from the Black Sea area.
Six leading dancers, among Michael Sastrowitomo (winner 2016 Aanmoedigingsprijs Dansersfonds ’79 & Danspublieksprijs 2015), bring unique choreographies to life. Unique choreographies created by some of the most highly anticipated choreographers like Neel Verdoorn (NL) and Corneliu Ganea (RO).

As well as The International Dancetheatre and Tango Extremo are well-known for their bold and unique projects. Therefore it is not completely unexpected that these two ‘’head honcho’s’’ put their hands together to make this extraordinary project happen.

Cast International Dancetheatre: Neel Verdoorn (Choreography), Corneliu Ganea (Choreography), Michael Sastrowitomo, Rossana Caldarera, Roisin Verheul, Jeroen van Acker, Teddy Bot, Dalton Jansen (Dance)

Cast Tango Extremo: Tanya Schaap (Violin), Ben van den Dungen/Christof May (Sax), Hans van der Maas (Accordion), Rob van Kreeveld (Piano), Marijn van der Ven/Thomas Pol (Contrabass)