Tango Extremo

Tango Extremo brings a distinctive flavour to the passion and persuasion of the Argentine tango. Since its inception in 2003, the ensemble has made remarkable development, making a big impression on both the Dutch as well as the foreign stages. The group has performed in many countries across the world, such as Argentina, Uruguay, Bolivia,  China, Russia, Kurdistan, South Africa, Botswana, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Aruba, Curaçao, South Korea and Mexico. In Europe they performed in many countries as well, like Spain, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Turkey, Croatia and France.

During the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in August 2009, Tango Extremo was the only non-Argentine ensemble, playing at this most prestigious tango festival in the world. All concerts can be found in our agenda on this website!

New projects (2016/2017)

Tango Extremo presents: Club Vaudeville

In their new program ‘Club Vaudeville’, Tango Extremo will bring you back to the nightclubs of Paris and Berlin in the 1920’s and 30’s. There where jazz, folk and classical music blended together with variété and amusement. Enter ‘Club Vaudeville’ and get to know the place where nightowls and the flamboyant of this world meet.

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Right after entering ‘Club Vaudeville’, Mackie Magnolia opens the night with “I’m just a gigolo”. It sets the mood for a night filled with too much alcohol, not enough love and everything our parents told us to stay away from. A world full of decadence, melancholic glamour and music. Music that doesn’t want to make things more attractive than they are, but just wants to make it intense and vivid. When Mackie Magnolia sings ‘Ich hab noch einen Koffer in Berlin’ or ‘An den kleine Radioapparat’ you will feel like you are sitting in the Tingel Tangel theatre in Berlin. Just like ‘Si tu vois ma mer’ and ‘Un gamin de Paris’ will make the Folies Bergère and Moulin Rouge come alive before your eyes.

With ‘Club Vaudeville’, Tango Extremo presents to you their 8th theatre show. A musical ode to the strength of people to hold on and continue their lives, even if they’re ‘just a gigolo’.

Special Guest: Joris Lutz
Violin: Tanya Schaap
Saxophone: Ben van den Dungen
Accordion: Hans van der Maas
Piano: Rob van Kreeveld
Bass: Thomas Pol
Vocals: Job Hubatka

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In the period before Easter Tango Extremo will be touring The Netherlands with a very special program: our own version of Western Europe biggest classical masterpiece, the St Matthew Passion. Especially for this program Tango Extremo will cooperate with two big names, the great singer PEARL JOZEFZOON (famous of the television program The Voice of Holland) and the fameous Dutch actor Peter Faber.

Former projects



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In September 2015 Tango Extremo came with a new exciting project: Havana. The orchestra has been influenced by the wonderful music of South American port cities of the thirties. Think about music as danzón and tango that was played in the beautiful Cuban and Argentinian milonga’s. The group will perform a blend of music from La Habana and Buenos Aires in theaters and concert halls in the Netherlands. Especially for this occasion Tango Extremo added a percussionist to the band, the legendary Gerardo Rosales from Venezuela.



The theatre program of Tango Extremo  ‘MAESTROS’ was an ode to a number of leading composers of various kinds, but all with their own unique musical beauty. Some closer related to tango than others, like for instance Astor Piazzolla, but also a variety of composers that are not directly linked to tango, like Sergej Prokofjev, with the famous musical fairytale ‘Peter and the Wolf’ and the legendary 2nd pianoconcerto of Rachmaninoff. Furthermore what do you think of the beautiful compositions of Jacques Brel or Paul McCartney?

The name of the latest project of the group is ‘Tango Novo’, which means ‘New Tango’ in Brazil.
One of the inspiration-sources for Tango Novo is the music from this country. The group has arranged music from Brazilian musicians from different style periods, like Ernesto Nazareth and Hermeto Pascoal a.o..
The result was an impressive combination of the Argentine tango with bossa nova, milonga and samba: a special blend of sensuality, passion, romance and Brazilian rhythms.

Viva la Vida! was a highly successful theatre-show that played from January 2011 until June 2012. Viva la Vida! was a tribute to love and to life in its strength and its fragility. The happy moments that can only be recognized because of the less fortunate. The shadow that only excists because there is a sun. In other words: life in all its ways. Tango Extremo has musically always taken a wide stand and this project was a testimony of the group’s attitude to music. Viva la Vida! was a daring combination of traditional Dutch songs like ‘Het dorp’ by Wim Sonneveld, ‘Het is stil in Amsterdam’ by Ramses Shaffy and world-famous classical compositions like Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’, but all played in beautiful tango-arrangements. During the shows, the group was supported by one of The Netherlands’ main tango dance-couples: Gabrielle y Rene. For more info about them:

Tango Extremo + dansers(Klein)Tango Extremo blauw(Klein)

Line up

Tanya Schaap – Violin and leader
Ben van den Dungen – Soprano saxophone
Rob van Kreeveld – Piano
Hans van der Maas – Accordeon
Thomas Pol/Vasillis Stefanopoulos – Double bass



‘El silencio’ – (Munich Records, 2004)
‘Una cosa diferente’ – (Munich Records, 2005)
‘Érase una vez..’ –  (Maxanter Records The World Series, 2007)
‘Carnaval de Buenos Aires’ –  (Maxanter Records The World Series, 2008)
‘Fantango’ – (JWA Jazzrecords, 2010)
‘Toujours bizarre’ – (JWA Jazzrecords, 2012)
‘Live at De la Mar’ (DVD) – (JWA Jazzrecords, 2012)
‘Dama de blanco’ – (JWA Jazzrecords, 2013)


‘Tango Extremo LIVE!’ – (LP) (STS Records, 2014)

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‘Havana’ – (JWA Jazzrecords, 2015)